What to see in Austria: omissible attractions and travel tips

What to see in Austria? Soon said; this land is much more than the collective imagination that binds it to Princess Sissy, Vienna, classical music and the Danube. Which, to be honest, would already be very valid reasons for choosing Austria as a beautiful destination in Europe. It could also be your starting point for a tour of the Balkans or the perfect destination for a long weekend. From the capital Vienna to Innsbruck to the snow-capped Austrian mountains, here’s what to do and see in Austria!

Little Austria is a real treasure trove to discover: artistic, cultural and landscape treasures. We tell you, to begin with, that it has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the fabulous Simmering Railway, the breathtaking mountains of Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut, the historic centers of Vienna, Graz and Salzburg, and the Neusiedler See and the Wachau. Therefore, you will have no trouble finding something to see, in Austria!

Austria is also a land of the great culture that has produced brilliant personalities from the world of music, such as Mozart, Mahler, Strauss and Schubert; art, such as Schiele and Klimt; of literature, such as Rilke, Musil, and Kafka; and Cinema, like director Fritz Lang.

Austria: when to go

Whether you choose it in winter or summer, Austria will not disappoint you: every season is ideal for visiting Austria. It all depends on what you have in mind. Clearly, if you want to practice winter sports or visit the Austrian Christmas markets, choose the cold months that will give you unique and welcoming atmospheres, intense lights and scents of sweets on display at the stalls. If you prefer to visit the cities and natural parks or go hiking, it is preferable to choose mild temperatures and sunny days, then the spring and summer months, which give a vivid and exploding nature.

What to see in Austria

Austria is a federal state divided into 9 Land, one more beautiful than the other, and is part of the European Union: you will need an identity card if you are European citizens or a valid passport. Austria is easily reachable from Italy by car or train, or more conveniently and economically by plane: the companies that connect Vienna, the capital, with other European and world capitals are very many. The Highway Code is uniform to that of the other European countries: it is mandatory to use a seat belt for motorists and helmets for motorcyclists; the speed limit for motorcycles and cars is 130 km / h on motorways, 100 km / h on national roads, 50 km / h in residential areas (always check on site from time to time). In the case of snow, it is essential to fit snow tires, in fact. The Italian driving license is valid.

Food and traditions of Austria

If gastronomy is a fundamental aspect of the journey and the cuisine is Рas it is true Рcontamination, the Austrian one testifies to the vastness of the monarchy of the past and the thousand influences (particularly the Hungarian one) that have been mixed in time. You will be presented everywhere the delicious Wiener Schnitzel, the tafelspitz, a tasty boiled beef, sauerkraut in all sauces and the famous Knödel, or dumplings: all dishes you have to try during a trip to Austria.

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