Moozicore ICO review

This platform provides the world’s first-ever music streaming system on blockchain technology. The aim is to provide the users complete control over which type of background music they would listen to, through customer sourced playlists. This is a decentralized music streaming system which offers the users the ability to create their own personalized social music experience. Moreover, Moozicore is legal for all businesses and it is fully licensed. Thetechinsider has done a full review of Moozicore’s flaws.

Moozicore ICO

How it works

The members of this system use the Moozicore Mobile App through which they control the music that is playing by using the tokens from the platform, called MooziCoins – MZI.

The users are able to achieve this by:

  1. Voting

The process of voting for the song they want to be played at the venue. Some venues like to maintain a certain genre in order to have some consistency but it gives the customers the chance to vote for their favorite. Whichever song gets the most votes, plays next.

  1. Picking music from the queue

The customers can select songs to be played at the venue by picking or choosing the song to be played next from the venue’s pre-approved music library.

  1. Add Songs

They can add songs to be played at the venue’s playlist in the queue and this gives them quite a lot of control over the music that is being played.

  1. Share experiences

Users can also share song plays with photos and “tagged” friends on social media

How does it help?

It allows the customers to be more involved in the venues which they go to. Users can use their tokens for influencing the music being played and the venue owners also benefit from an increase in the customers’ engagement at their locations that can help to improve their profitability and their popularity amongst the music lovers.


  • Token name: MZI
  • Token Sale: 1st August – 28th August 2018
  • Accepted payment: ETH
  • 1 ETH = 80000 MZI
  • Hard cap: 1953 ETH
  • Soft cap: 300 ETH

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