As the baby boomers age, one segment of the deaf/hard-of-hearing community that is going to grow – bolstered
by both the natural aging of deaf/hard-of-hearing baby boomers and the baby boomers who lose hearing at late
age. This large population is going to need specialized nursing homes, organizations, retirement communities,
and for some, specialized hospice services.
The magnitude and complexity of the problems and needs of deaf/hard-of-hearing senior citizens are so great.
Because there is so much which must be done and because no one person, organization, agency, or institution
can attempt successfully more than a portion of the total objectives, it will be the primary purpose of the North
Texas Deaf Senior Citizens to fill current and future needs of deaf/hard-of-hearing senior citizens. It also will
seek to fill the needs which are not now being met fully, or it will encourage other agencies or organizations to
meet the needs.
Section 1 — The name of this organization shall be known as North Texas Deaf Senior Citizens,
hereinafter referred as NTDSC.
Section 1 — The NTDSC shall be a non-profit organization serving all deaf/hard-of-hearing persons
without regard to race, religion, sex, disability or nationality.
Section 2 — The object of NTDSC shall be to assist with the independent living and promote the
overall well-being of all deaf/hard-of-hearing senior citizens in
North Texas by:
a. keeping deaf/hard-of-hearing senior citizens from being isolated or homebound.
b. giving them opportunities for social interaction and enjoyment.
c. providing leisure activities for challenging mental alertness.
d. conducting tours when possible.
e. providing seminars dealing with issues impacting their well-being and safety.
f. acquainting those senior citizens with national, state, and local resources that will
contribute to their positive image and fuller participation in the mainstream
g. advocating the rights of deaf/hard-of-hearing senior citizens.
Section 1 — The definition of North Texas Territory shall be north of Waco’s imaginary horizontal
boundary line, east of Abilene’s imaginary vertical boundary line, south of Red River
BY-LAWS OF NORTH TEXAS DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS (Revised November 12, 2011) Page 2
(Texas-Oklahoma boundary line), and west of boundary line of Texas/Arkansas and
Section 1 — The NTDSC shall have two classes of membership – active and associate
Section 1a — Active membership is open to any deaf or hard-of-hearing person who is
sixty (60) years of age or older and resides in the North Texas territory with
full privileges except for running offices. See Article VI, Section 1.
Section 1b — Associate membership is open to:
1) any hearing person who is sixty (60) years of age or older with voice
privilege only, or
2) any deaf or hard-of-hearing person who is sixty (60) years old of age
and resides outside the North Texas territory with voice and voting
Section 1 — The dues shall be set at $10.00 annually for active membership. It includes newsletter
Section 1 — The officers of this NTDSC shall consist of a president, a vice-president, a secretary and
a treasurer. All the officers shall reside within 50-mile radius of Arlington, Texas’ City
Hall. Any trustee can be from any place within the North Texas territory. Each trustee is
expected to attend both board and general meetings regularly.
Section 2 — Each officer shall serve two year term.
Section 3 — Each officer may be eligible for re-election.
Section 4 — A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled by election by the membership, except
the presidency, which shall be filled by succession.
Section 5 — Paid employees under contract of the NTDSC are ineligible to hold any elected offices
in the NTDSC.
Section 1 — President
Section 1a — Be the principal executive officer of the NTDSC.
Section 1b — To preside at all meetings of the NTDSC and Executive Board.
Section 1c — Perform such other duties as are appropriate to his/her office.
BY-LAWS OF NORTH TEXAS DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS (Revised November 12, 2011) Page 3
Section 1d — Enforce order and strict observance of By-laws and Rules.
Section 1e — Appoint standing committees at the first meeting in January every year.
Section 1f — Have the right to oversee on all standing committees.
Section 1g — Have access at all times to each of the books of accounts, statements, and other
official documents .
Section 1h — Appoint the Parliamentarian.
Section 1i — Decide on all questions of order.
Section 1j — Countersign checks, drafts and notes drawn by the Treasurer.
Section 1k — Appoint a member to be a liaison agent with Texas’ Department of Assistive and
Rehabilitative Services (DARS) for various services.
Section 2 — Vice President
Section 2a — Have the power to perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability
of the latter to act.
Section 2b — Assist the President with the general supervision over the internal affairs of the
Section 2c — Assist the presiding officer in preserving perfect decorum.
Section 2f — Co-sign all checks in the absence of the President.
Section 2g — See that all members sign the roll call book for Secretary.
Section 2h — Shall serve as a chairman of the Law committee.
Section 3 — Secretary
Section 3a — Keep accurate records of all meeting of the NTDSC and the Executive Board.
Section 3b — Conduct all official correspondence.
Section 3c — Notify members of all regular, Executive Board, or special meetings under the
order of the President.
Section 3d — Shall keep a copy of the Bylaws and such Rules as may promulgate from time to
time, with a record of all amendments and changes.
Section 3e — Keep a list of all members of the NTDSC and their classifications and addresses.
The list shall not be copied or loaned without permission of the Board. The
BY-LAWS OF NORTH TEXAS DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS (Revised November 12, 2011) Page 4
treasurer shall have an updated copy of the list.
Section 3f — See that the President and any other officers get unopened mail if the letter is
addressed to them.
Section 3g — Require to have a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order at every meeting.
Section 4 — Treasurer
Section 4a — Attend all meetings.
Section 4b — Receive and collect all monies and dues of the NTDSC.
Section 4c — Keep an accurate account book of all receipts and expenditures.
Section 4d — Submit a report at each regular meeting.
Section 4e — Sign all checks, drafts and notes drawn by the NTDSC under the countersignature
of the President.
Section 4g — Keep an accurate account of each member and group and give Secretary a copy.
Section 1 — The Executive Board shall consist of all officers and three (3) trustees elected by the
membership. Each trustee shall serve a term of three years with an exception that the
departing President shall automatically serve as a trustee for a term of 3 years. The
trustee may be eligible for re-election.
Section 2 — The Executive Board shall meet at least once every three months.
Section 3 — The affairs, funds, and property of the NTDSC worth over one hundred dollars
($100) shall be subject to the approval of the membership either at the monthly/
special meeting or by mail/email vote before the Executive Board can transact
the business.
Section 4 — The Executive Board shall proceed to transact the general business of the NTDSC
worth as up to one hundred dollars ($100).
Section 5 — The Executive Board shall act as custodian of funds,
properties, and records of NTDSC; shall purchase or sell properties; shall accept gifts,
bequests, or grants for the work of the NTDSC; shall make grants or loans for projects
related to the purposes of the NTDSC; shall at its discretion, shall employ, remove, or
suspend any employees of the NTDSC; shall determine the duties, salaries, and
emoluments of employees, shall set the amount to bond for the offices of president and
treasurer and authorize the necessary monies to secure such bond; shall do everything
proper to carry out the object of this NTDSC unless otherwise prohibited by other
sections of these By-laws; and in case of differences of interpretation of these by-laws,
the Executive Board shall make the final decision.
BY-LAWS OF NORTH TEXAS DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS (Revised November 12, 2011) Page 5
Section 6 — The Executive Board shall have power to delegate any powers of the Board to any
committee, officer, or agent upon such terms as it may deem wise, and to appoint any
person or persons to hold in trust for the NTDSC any properties or funds belonging to the
NTDSC and to manage such properties or funds for the benefit of the NTDSC.
Section 7 — The delegation by the Executive Board of any power or authority shall not relieve the
Board of any responsibility to exercise prudent to judgment in the management of the
NTDSC and its financial affairs or to make inquiries into the financial transaction of the
NTDSC or its agents.
Section 8 — The Executive Board shall have the treasurer prepare a written monthly report as to all
financial transactions of the NTDSC and a statement of all liabilities and assets.
Section 9 — The duties of the trustees shall be as follows:
Section 9a — Audit the Treasurer’s financial record at least two weeks before the regular
Section 9b — See that each fund is correctly recorded and submitted.
Section 9c — Will not have voting privileges on all financial-related motions.
Section 9d — Act as Sergeant at Arms on the rotating basis at all meetings or events.
ARTICLE IX — Official Publication
Section 1 — NTDSC shall have an official publication – North Texas Deaf Senior Citizens
Newsletter. It shall be sent to all members monthly.
Section 2 — An Editor shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.
Section 3 — The duties of the Editor shall be as follows:
Section 3a — Collect and turn over all membership dues to the Treasurer.
Section 3b – Keep a record of membership’s names and addresses.
Section 3c — Make the membership record available to the Secretary, the Treasurer and the
President (for meeting quorum).
Section 4 — All policies of the monthly newsletter shall be consistent with the aims and objectives of
the NTDSC.
ARTICLE X — Official Website
Section 1 — NTDSC shall have an official website:
BY-LAWS OF NORTH TEXAS DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS (Revised November 12, 2011) Page 6
Section 2 — A webmaster shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive
Section 3 — All policies of the website shall be consistent with the aims and objectives of the
Section 1 — Upon approval of the Executive Board, the President shall create any new standing or
special committees deemed necessary to carry out the policies, procedures, and programs
of the NTDSC. The powers, duties and responsibilities will be expressly defined, and
committees shall confine their activities to those limits.
Section 2 — Standing committees shall be used for continuing activities. Special committees shall
be used for a single assignment only.
Section 3 — Standing/special committees may be established and dissolved at any time by the
president with approval of the Executive Board.
Section 4 — No committee will incur any indebtedness, or obligate the NTDSC for any expenditure
nor make any expenditure unless expressly authorized by the Executive Board.
Section 5 — Each standing committee member shall serve for the term of one year and each special
committee member shall serve until discharged from its assignment, and must be
reviewed by the Executive Board biennially.
Section 6 — The chairman of each committee will present to the Executive Board a written report
each month of the committee’s activities. In the event of the chairman is unable to attend
a Board meeting, his written report will be presented in time for the meeting, describing
the committee’s activity or stating the lack of activity during the month.
Section 1 — The NTDSC shall meet four (4) times a year in February, May, August and November.
Section 2 — The biennial election and installation of the officers shall be held during the month of
November. The date and place shall be determined by the Executive Board. The new or
re-elected officers take office on January 1st next year.
Section 3 — As for biennial election of officers, every candidate shall be present for election.
Section 4 — There shall be no proxy voting except doctor’s written note for medical reason or death
of an immediate family member.
Section 5 — The President shall set up a nominating committee from among the members in
September before the biennial election in November.
Section 6 — The order of business for the general meeting shall be as follows:
BY-LAWS OF NORTH TEXAS DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS (Revised November 12, 2011) Page 7
1. Call to order by the President
2. Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag
I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.
3. Establish a quorum
4. Reading/correction/approval of minutes of previous monthly meeting
5. Report of officers
a) President
b) Vice President
c) Secretary
d) Treasurer
6. Report of standing/special committees
7. Unfinished (old) business
8. New business
9. Election and installation of new officers
10. Adjournment
11. Good of the order or announcements
Section 1 — A special meeting of the membership may be called by the President, or by a majority of
the Executive Board, or by any member of the Executive Board who has received the
written request of ten percent (10%) of the membership of the NTDSC which shall be
verified by three or more members of the Executive Board. Notice of such meeting
shall be mailed to all members in good standing at least fifteen (15) days before the date
of the meeting.
Section 2 — A special meeting of the Executive Board may be called by the President, by a majority
of said Board, or by written request of ten percent (10%) of the membership of the
NTDSC to any member of the Executive Board. Notice of any meeting of the Board of
authorized by the Executive Board shall be given at least five days by telephone contact
or at least five days by written notice delivered personally or sent by mail to each director
at his or her address as shown by the records of the NTDSC. The general nature of the
business to be transacted at the meeting should be specified in the notice.
Section 1 — At least fifty percent (50%) of the Executive Board present shall constitute a quorum
at any Executive Board meeting.
Section 2 — Ten percent (10%) of the active membership shall constitute a quorum at the general
Section 3 — No business shall be officially transacted without the presence of a quorum.
BY-LAWS OF NORTH TEXAS DEAF SENIOR CITIZENS (Revised November 12, 2011) Page 8
Section 1 — The following Oath of Office shall be administered to the incoming officers.
Section 2 — The Oath of Office is as follows: “I, name, pledge to perform to the best of my ability for
the duties of the office to which I have been elected, so help me God.”
Section 1 — The fiscal year of the NTDSC shall be from January 1st to December 31st
Section 1 — Proposed amendment(s) to the By-laws shall be submitted to the Executive Board.
Proposed amendment(s) approved by the Executive Board shall be presented to the
membership for their approval. The By-laws shall be amended at the general meeting
by a two-third’s (2/3) vote of the voting members present, provided written notice has
been given to all members at least thirty (30) days in order to publish proposed
amendments in the official publication of the NTDSC before the general meeting.
Section 1 — Unless otherwise provided for in these bylaws, the current edition of Robert’s Rules
of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority of the Association.
Section 2 — The President shall appoint a person, who is knowledgeable in parliamentary procedure,
to advise in matters of conducting meetings of the NTDSC and to interpret the By-laws
of the NTDSC when requested.
Section 1 — In the event of the dissolution of the NTDSC, the assets of the NTDSC shall be
distributed by the Executive Board to any domestic non-profit corporation under Par.
501-c-3 of the code of Internal Revenue, or to the United States Government, State of
Texas, or any political subdivision thereof